Technical Drawing

Typical procedure for development planning and design:

  • Specific analysis of the project; 
  • Feasibility study and proposal solution;
  • Implementation model of the system (usually in 3D); 
  • approval; 
  • Realization 3D model executive; 
  • Realization 2D drawings and / or solid models for CAD / CAM; 
  • Realization components list to be built; 
  • Realization commercial components list.
  • In addition, our engineering department provides the following services: 
  • CAD Drawing of mechanical components; 
  • Recovery of drawings generated in previous CAD formats; 
  • Generation of CAD drawings (3D solid models and 2D-executive) from manual drawings; 
  • Creation of 3D assemblies from assembly drawings manuals; 
  • Use of scrolls, formats, templates and rules / methods of design according to customer requirements;
  • Enter our designers at the technical offices of customers for insertion / storage projects and / or drawings in corporate databases, as well as start / managing other phases of the design / drawing.

UM & Mitaq manages and performs mechanical design and other engineering services through its technical department, divided into two sections.

UM & Mitaq has a technical department dedicated to the development, analysis and control documentation and technical regulations, and internal activities related to design and construction, it is specifically requested by the customer.