UM & Mitaq has a technical department dedicated to the development, analysis and control documentation and technical regulations, and internal activities related to design and construction, it is specifically requested by the customer.

Main services provided:

  • Drafting of manuals of instructions for use (Machinery Directive)
  • Drafting of technical manuals mechanical
  • Drafting of technical manuals generic
  • Drafting manuals and safety procedures
  • Preparing reports and technical documentation

UM & Mitaq manages and performs mechanical design and other engineering services through its technical department, divided into two sections.

UM & Mitaq has a internal technical office dedicated to design and technical mechanical drawing by CAD, both for applications in the development of projects and products within the company, both in the service of design and drawing upon specific request of the Customer.

The technical drawing 2D and 3D CAD runs with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD, versions updated annually.