A section (in the branch of Venice), is mainly engaged in the design, managing the relationship with customers and if requested by the customers of customers, including the assistance service and development of any updates and / or changes.

The other section (at the site of Padova), mainly deals with interfacing and interaction with the mechanical workshop, for feasibility analysis and optimization of the production, CAD / CAM implementation and management, process management until complete assembly and testing.

The service provided may relate to the design of individual customer specifications, or design and construction, when projects developed are executed directly within our workshop.

UM & Mitaq has a internal technical office dedicated to design and technical mechanical drawing by CAD, both for applications in the development of projects and products within the company, both in the service of design and drawing upon specific request of the Customer.

The technical drawing 2D and 3D CAD runs with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD, versions updated annually.

UM & Mitaq has a technical department dedicated to the development, analysis and control documentation and technical regulations, and internal activities related to design and construction, it is specifically requested by the customer.